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Christmas Tradition

DECEMBER 26, 2006
Gingerbread Cookie with Santa's Molar
   Christmas at the Goldins' is always a strange and magical time. We start by plugging in the xmas lights that are still hanging from 7 years ago. Then we hike into the woods and chop down a Charlie Brown tree. Scrawny, miserably stunted, and void of any charm or natural beauty. On Christmas eve we leave milk and cookies by the fireplace for Santa and Melvin, an elf that likes to visit us. Over the years we've learned a lot of lessons. The first year Santa knocked over the fireplace screen and almost choked on the cookies- we forgot the milk. He left a nasty note. The next year we remembered the milk, but in the morning we found a note from the big guy. He found a cat whisker at the bottom of the glass-he wrote that he almost threw up. This year we did everything right... or so we thought. In the morning there was one cookie left on the plate. It had a strange shiny yellowy-white thing sticking in it. There was a note! Santa wrote that the house before ours had very hard cookies and that they must have loosened one of his molars. The one that got stuck in the delicious homemade gingerbread cookies we had made. Now we have a REAL Santa tooth!