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from Russia with Love

DECEMBER 18, 2006
Olaf by Goldin
Olaf, always a welcome guest, gave me his secret formula for ginger infused vodka. He came for a short visit-Now there are cigarette burns in the rug.
When he arrived I pulled out the good stuff- Wodka. He told me we should infuse it with ginger. I left to the store to buy a ginger root. When I returned there was an empty Wodka bottle in the driveway, the smoke alarm was going off and there was Olaf in my wife's old maternity dress.
Anyway... you basically put pieces of peeled ginger root into a full bottle of vodka and let it sit for a couple of weeks. It turns a beautiful amber color.
Then on a cold winter night, when you come in from the chill... enjoy a shot of this by the fire, and think of Olaf.

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