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Tenors Anyone?

NOVEMBER 17, 2006
One of my first CD Covers
Album covers were a huge influence on me growing up. LP's, Vinyl, nice big square cardboard.
I had a pretty big record collection and would stare at the art while the record played. I wanted to grow up to be an album cover artist.
After graduating art school, moving to New York City, entering competitions, sending out postcards... the phone rang.
It was CBS Records, they wanted me to do an album cover. In my mind I'm seeing all these great Rock bands, T-shirts, Posters...
please remember... I was a kid just out of school. It was a series of Opera compilations. This was also the politically correct 80's.
First lesson of compromise: O.K. you get your record cover Mr. Goldin... BUT... now it's called a CD and it's oh, so small.
Second lesson: No, Mr. Goldin... you get Opera, you can't Rock. Not today.  "That's cool, I'm O.K."
Third lesson: No, Mr. Goldin...We have to be politically correct. Don't draw the Tenors fat, it's not PC.  "But then it doesn't make any sense."
Fourth lesson: Fight for your rights. So I made them morbidly obese and not fat.  

- the fat lady has sung