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Meet Me in Hong Kong

OCTOBER 23, 2006
David Goldin and Christoph Hitz
Today I had the pleasure of meeting fellow Drawger, Christoph Hitz in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong the local Chinese food joint. Turns out we live near each other... and... we both have chickens.
Just before I got there I almost ran over a squirrel. It was so close that when I pulled into the parking lot I got out and looked under the vehicle for a flat gray thing. Didn't see anything unusual except a Swiss guy looking at me from the window. After a couple of lunch specials and a gallon  of Chinese tea we were ready to act like a couple of illustrator freaks and began taking silly pictures of ourselves with Christoph's laptop. Turns out we also both ski. Swiss guy can ski... go figure. I'm 25 minutes from the nearest slope-so... Yodelay-heeee-hooooo!  

Look for future post regarding the Drawger Winter Weekend.