David Goldin
Don't Play with Fire
Sketch for book cover
When I'm asked to create an illustration I usually take a humorous-whimsical approach, that's part of my style. Occasionally though I get an assignment involving a serious subject. This happened with a book cover. It was a novel, very dark and depressing (suicidal teen). I'd been called in to try and create something to try to lighten the mood. I'm always up for a tough assignment and always try to come up with a good solution. I gave them several sketches, the one here is the one they liked but in the end went with a different direction. I certainly understood, and was even relieved as I felt the subject shouldn't be taken lightly. It's difficult when solving a problem like this while keeping true to my personal style. I ended up getting another assignment from the publisher that did get published, but that's another post.

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