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Happy Birthday E.E. Goldin!

MARCH 2, 2007
Four years old today!
What a wild ride. Four years ago, on a beautiful spring day my wife went into labor.
The midwife was called and the sisters, the doula, the doula in training. We were at home up our dead end dirt road,
up on little rocky mountain, having a birthing party. I got the wood stove going and people were scattered about talking and hanging out while my wife and I got into the contractions. My daughter was playing upstairs when there in our living room my son popped out. I carried him over by the wood stove and cuddling him in my arms  we sang happy birthday to him.
     Then it got gross... The mid-wife asked us if we want to do placenta prints. Y'know me... " Sure! "
I get the nice Arches 140lb watercolor paper and we get busy making mono-prints. Then everyone left and the fun began...