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Leaders and award
«Why Leaders Lie»
Here is a serie of three openers for a special report on Leaders in Premium, a montreal financial magazine.
I've tried as always when asked for a serie to find a link between the images to make it coherent.
It is the second time I work with AD Louise Rouleau, and I have to say it has been a pleasure both time; she's really open minded, giving chances to more «abstract» concepts.
«How to become a better Leader»
«Leadership Odissey»
My previous collaboration in Premium
Just back from my show in Paris, I'll try to post pictures later,  I've learned that my latest book, MONSIEUR MARCEAU won 2013 Outstanding Nonfiction for Children Award.
Announced by the National Council of Teachers of English, the ceremony will be held in Boston later this year.

More here:
From Monsieur Marceau
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