Gerard DuBois
February 2012
Golden milk
The four sides pasted together
Next week during the Annual Exhibition for the Advertising and Institutional, I'll be receiving a Gold Medal from the Society of illustrators for the Brick of Milk project.
The reception will be held on friday the 2nd at the Museum of illustration in New York, 128 East 63rd street.
This time I hope there will be no big snow storm like last year, so I could attend the ceremony. 
Since the brick was way too big and heavy, more than 450 pounds, we had to make one of foam and print for the show.
I have a second piece awarded in the show, a poster I did for My Chemical Romance's concert in Paris in August 2011. Unfortunately I could get the piece back for the show.
The show will run until March 17th 2012.
In the parisian subway
I've been lucky to work with Bruce Hansen and Rob Wilson at Playboy for almost 10 years now, and lately on a more regular basis, for a men column.
The size is close to a quarter page, more or less a square. Have no idea why, but I've always liked to compose images inside square. 
Since the assignment is kind of recuring, I try to find ideas and images that do not depart from the previous ones, even if subjects have nothing in common.
Here are some of my latest contributions
«Neck verses»
«Political speech»
«How to turn your dick into a Richard»
«Dating your Ex»
Besides the column, I sometimes do an image for a feature working as a spread, usually a short story by some pretty good writters; previous ones included John Updike, Stephen King, Nabokov, Jay Mc Inerney...
The last one was by Richard Powers; it was about a retired engineer on the Voyage space programm, for whom the past was more alive than the present, and that nobody could save from oblivion.
«Dark was the night», a short story by Richard Powers
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