Gerard DuBois
April 2011
Stanford Medicine
Last December Dennis McLeod contacted me to see if I'd be interested to work on a project for Stanford Medine. I had already worked on couple of assignments in the past with Dennis, and each time it has been a pleasure. He and David Amarillo are a great team and they always come with a simple design that makes your art look better. So of course, when he explained me I would have to illustrate the whole issue, I said yes right away.
The issue was focusing on the different aspects of bioethics, stem cells transplants, gender disorder, ... An interesting topic, not only to illustrate but also to learn from. They're so many difficult questions, to say the less, doctors and patients are facing. With Dennis we've tried to come with different approaches to the articles, so we could keep an interesting pace along the pages. Some were more difficult to nail, but all the way Dennis and David have been supportive and open minded. True professional. In the end I think there were nine or ten images, here are some samples.
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