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My oldest client

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012
Children will have to take care of their parents
This image is a new one from my oldest client, not in age, but in fidelity. 
Back in 1991, Jocelyne Fournel has been the first AD to give me a chance. At that time she was at MTL magazine.
And I can tell you I've been lucky to end up with a job.
At that time, I had nothing published yet, only my personal pieces to show, and since I was working on huge cardboards, with mutiple layers of them, the only way I could bring them to clients ( I had no money to got 4"x5" done) was to put my art work in green garbage bags.
You can easily imagine the face of Jocelyne when she found my «garbage portefolio» by her desk after her lunch.
But she's been good enough to have the curiosity to open and look what was insidet these bags and not only give me one chance, but four, right away with one full page and three quater pages.
My first full page ever.
I remember well the article. It was about Tango and Carlos Gardel, and how this music was at the begining played in rough joints.
My first full page, back in 1991.
Through years Jocelyne has hired me more than my share and it has always been a great collaboration.
After she moved to L'Actualité in the end of the 90's, we worked on some great spreads and openers, that eventualy got us awards in Québec, Canada and United States.
Children of divorce, somewhere in the end of the 90's.
USA in red.
History courses
«La Révolution Tranquille» in schools
Samuel de Champlain
Cover for L'Actualité
Some politicians portraits: R. Lévesque; Jean Lesage
As I've already mentionned in a previous post, Jocelyne is also the first AD who gave me a regular column in her pages. 
A brand new challenge.
For my regular column: Something about movie critics
For my regular column
So for all these great projects, for her determination to hire illustrators, not only accomplished ones but also young ones, and above all, for the great and sweet person she is, I wanted to thank her.
Merci Jocelyne.
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