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Marcel Marceau

After months of patience, my new children book Marcel Marceau, actor without words is finaly on the shelves.
Briefly I would say it has been a pleasure to work with publisher Neal Porter; not a single request, change, etc... as if he trusted me more than I trusted myself. A great gentleman to work with, and so talented.
I also want to thank writter Leda Schubert as well as AD Jennifer Browne; they've been both so supportive, positive all along the way.
Everyone has been so PATIENTwith me! Thank you again for this.
We all know it's pretty difficult to handle a book and be on time while working for editorial projects. We always postpone the day we start the book, and before we know it, the deadline was yesterday.
In the course of the project, it has been decided that we should add four spreads so we could elaborate a bit more on the historical aspects of the biography: exodus from Strasbourg, Resistance, family in camps,...
I do not use documents pretty often, but in this particular case, I had to of course.
The stage part and his Bip character is of course the main part of the book.
The difficult part was to keep it alive, not just a pale copy of his movements and attitudes; and to bring colors somehow in this almost black and white set up.
A book is pretty much a marathon to me, it often feel like I'll never get to finish it, then you wonder why you do books anyway, and one day, it's done.
And all of a sudden everything is forgotten. Months, or year later, you got an object in your hands, that may give happiness to some readers...
Illustrating books is thrilling.
Roaring Brook Press
September 2012
Picture Book Nonfiction
8 1/2 x 11 inches, 40 pages, full color