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August 2010
iPad Glamour

The Signs of the Zodiac, for Glamour magazine's new iPad app.
Fun little gig, especially since I don't exactly buy into any of that astrology stuff, so it becomes purely about the imagery.
And proved to be a tad tricky, as those images are quite different and it's
a bit of a challenge to find a cohesive look that goes with symbols as varied
as a lion and a bow...
And no, the magenta wasn't my idea ;)
Fee-ing Frenzy.

Here's a quick one for today's NYTimes Travel section.
The article is about airlines tacking on fees to pretty much everything
one could possibly contemplate doing/ having to do before or during a flight, from cancellations/ ticket changes to carry-on fees to charging for peanuts (there's a joke here somewhere...) to lord knows what else.
Apparently there are plans to charge for using the airplane bathrooms as well...
Happy travels!
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