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July 2010
Shelby Lynne crest

A few months ago I was asked by (Grammy award winning) singer/songwriter Shelby Lynne to create a personal crest for her. She had seen the one I designed for myself on the opening page of my website and wanted something along those lines.
It is supposed to represent her as a person, not just the musician, so she gave me quite a few aspects of her life to incorporate/represent, such as femininity, strength, persistance, struggle, music (of course) etc. And a few recreational preferences snuck in as well...
Quite a few things to fashion into a somewhat cohesive whole...but hey, who doesn't like a challenge?
This is being used on the new album, Tears, Lies and Alibis (which I can highly recommend, btw!) as well as on various merchandise items.
They are touring the States right now, dates at .
They put on a great show, so go see them if you can...
And here two more variations of the same thing, being used on tour shirts:
For the guys, image on the back...

...and for the ladies, printed on the front.

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