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July 2009
"Love" font.
Made a love font as part of the ongoing love&hate series (which consists of over 100 designs by now...).
It works better as a design than an actual, easily legible font, but hey, who cares :)
Was fun to work on as a change from the usual one-off images we tend to do...

RIP Heinz Edelmann
Heinz Edelmann, one of the leading Art Directors, Illustrators and Designers of our time, died this morning in Stuttgart. He is probably best known for his Art Direction and Character Design of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine (which, incidentally, he was rather ambivalent about being associated with). Not surprisingly, as his body of work post-submarine is nothing short of gargantuan.
I won't get too emotional here, as he would have detested that,
but he will be missed as an artist, a teacher and an inspiration.

Here a link to an interview with him about Yellow Submarine:

One with Niemann, one of his more notable students:

And one from SVA, which honored him in 2005 with a Master Series exhibition (has a little slide show of some of his poster work):
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