Thomas Fuchs
Volkswagen was violated!
Their rights at least. Or so they say. By one of my images. No, I kid you not.
Yesterday I uploaded some of my heart shit to zazzle to print on t-shirts.
Today I get the following email (excerpt):

Zazzle was contacted by Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. and requested the removal of products that violated their rights.  All elements including names, car models, logos, and actual cars.  To avoid any legal action, it was decided that in the best interest of both parties to have these products removed from Zazzle Marketplace.

For a detailed description of our acceptable content guidelines:

Best Regards,
Content Management Team, Inc.

Now, I wonder what exactly they felt violated their rights...the use of the word "beetle" in the title? Do they feel like they own that? Wonder what half the insect world thinks about that...or the fact that it's a drawing that resembles one of their car models, one they stopped producing about ten years ago? Ludicrous either way...

Reminds me of that little incident Tim had a while ago with the Shultz estate...

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