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Science is golden.

OCTOBER 29, 2015
Here a few illos for Scientific American (not the regular little ones I do, some of which I've posted here before).
Those guys are always a pleasure to work with, and the topics are quite interesting for someone who's a bit of a science nerd (like me...).
ADs on those are Michael Mrak and Jason Mischka.
This one's on how certain medications can, in combination, be rather harmful and even deadly.

Mo' gunz! About doctors discussing guns with their patients, as a health and safety issue just like discussing wearing a seat belt or a bicycle helmet. There is actually a law in Florida that prevents doctors from doing that.

About Twitter announcing it would make its entire database of tweets available to scientists. That’s welcome news to those who use the info to do things like track the spread of disease or the mental states of a certain demographic- if of course we ignore the whole privacy issue thing...

On the internet of things and efforts to develop alternate means of power supply for all kinds of gadgets, thus avoiding tangled messes of cords around the house and making outlets all but obsolete. Coincided nicely with Halloween, this one...

The price of pollution- how low oil and gas prices make this the right time to tax fossil fuels...and carbon taxing...and such...

On how different levels of affluence greatly effect health and happiness in teenagers.

Certain species of bees apparently don't only compete for food and territory, they actually wage war on each other.

For an article about a newly discovered species of blind cave salamander.

A new kind of flu shot, which can battle different kinds of viruses.

And lastly, everybody's favorite annoyance on the interwebs: Captchas!

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