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Sunny stuff.

AUGUST 28, 2015
Here's a few illustrations for the Sunday edition of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
I seem to have become their go-to guy for articles on gloom, doom and despair...wonder why that is...
Despite that, they are a complete pleasure to work with, and let me get away with stuff others probably woudn't.
On the history of the death penalty in the US, on occasion of the recent re-introduction of the firing squad in Utah.

Hospital workers and their complete lack of empathy for the dying in their care.

About a female judge and her experiences of dealing with mostly juvenile delinquents.

A young police officer's account of her struggles with the challenges, responsibilities and expectations of her daily job.

Romanian housekeepers/caretakers, mostly caring for widowed elderly folks in Germany, and their reports (some more substantiated than others) of being treated like slaves.

About international kidnappers, their highly professional approach to the "business", and the struggles of the authorities to keep up with ever more creative and advanced demands of ransom delivery.

Little series on abortion, the mental struggles involved and having to deal not only with one's own doubts, but with everyone around having an opinion on the matter as well.

Slightly less gloomy, on the various ways of influencing a child's development during pregnancy- for good or bad.

An elderly lady's story, about coming to terms with the idea of having arrived at the final stages of her life, and her ways of dealing with the notion of death having become something very real and close.

And finally, about how we as humans are willing to give up large parts of ourselves, convictions, ideals, hopes and dreams, all for fear of being lonely.

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