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January 2012
Few recent covers.

First one, for the New York Times BookReview (AD: Nicholas Blechman) on a new Kurt Vonnegut Bio.
The assignment didn't call for a concept, but I decided to add at least a little visual pun...

This one's for SooJin Buzelli at aiCIO.
Ray Dalio channeling Steve Jobs.

For the first issue of the german Haniel Corporation's magazine.
This is a company that's been around forever and has been extremely successful at mastering crises, surviving stuctural change, getting rid of unprofitable branches etc.
So the overall topic was to be something along the lines of seeing the good in the bad, flowers on the rubble, benefitting from adversity and the likes.
AD on this was Frank von Grafenstein (still can't quite imagine how he sold this image/series to them...thumbs up!).
Below is page 3 of the magazine.

For WirtschaftsWoche, on how to invest in stocks without taking any risks.
The bullriding theme was their concept-the pillows are mine ;)
Below some inside illos.

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