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Here a few recent ones for Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (their Sunday edition). These are always somewhat challenging articles, on a rather wide range of topics- which keeps it interesting...
First one's for an article about a famous Lung Surgeon in Vienna, who's seen by his patients as something almost god-like.

Second one is about the problem child of the EU, Greece, taking rather drastic steps (with some success even) to de-clutter its gigantic bureaucratic apparatus.

For the yearly Quiz on economics.

First one of a series of six for the year-end special issue on economics. This one's about 4% being the magic number when saving/investing to stay ahead of inflation.

Where, when and how to invest in Real Estate.

On Germans being needlessly over-cautious when it comes to investing in stocks.

The health status of the global economy.

A bunch of experts betting on next years interest/inflation rates.

And lasty, an interview with a famous jeweler about the age-old fascination with gold.

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