David Flaherty
March 2010
Greater New York Hospital Association Icons
4 icons for a Quality initiative for The Greater New York Hospital Association.
Doctors without Borders
This is an image I developed with the intention of submitting it to the Haitian Poster Project.  Artists submit an editon of 25 signed and  numbered posters to be sold online to benefit Haitian relief.  The same group did posters for the Katrina Hurricane to help New Orleans.  Artists either need to pay to print the edition themselves or find a printer to donate their services.  Since I did this as a 4-color  image I would have to adapt it to silkscreen it in fewer colors.  I'm still determining how I'll print these, so if you are a printer or have suggestions let me know. I just may print the edition on my epson. Stay tuned.

About the idea: 
When I was thinking about a Haiti poster, I guess I had the Doctors without Borders charity in mind, no doubt due to the piece I did for David Plunkert's Spur Design "Heads for Haiti" show.  I was thinking how cool it would be just to have a doctor breaking through a wall or border to aid where needed. 
At one point I noticed that Print Magazine was doing a Tote Bag for Charities contest on their site.  Seems they commissioned ten artists / designers to do a 2 color  tote bag design for a given charity.  They also asked for submissions and that chosen entries would be featured in the magazine and some designs produced and sold in their on-line store to raise money for charities.  Christoph Niemann was already doing a design or image for Doctors without Borders but I submitted mine anyway.  I'm sure his will be outstanding as always.  Anyway, don't  know if I made the cut or not, stay tuned.
Oh, btw I re-did the image here for two colors.  It's an interesting process to revise artwork for limited colors or other uses.
initial concept sketches
This doodle of a man carrying bricks became my inspiration for this idea. I felt concrete blocks were used often in the buildings of Haiti.
A test print via Epson R2400.
TutorMill, it's just book-learn'in {without the books.}
I'm proud to be a part of Gary Taxali , Fuchs, and others new venture Tutormill.  It's an on-line art school where anyone can take illustration classes from the top  pro's of Illustration from the safety and comfort of their own homes.  Classes cost less than a meal at Per Se!  Check it out.
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