David Flaherty
June 2006
On the Dad Tip
I think this is me, but it could be my older sister, one of five.
Belated Dad Picture. We always had an odd relationship, he was the farmer who was practical and hard working and did not understand the "creative" son. Now I understand he is just some guy that happens to be my dad. I love him but it's odd to realize that parents are just people you may or may not click with. We have a much better relationship now. He's had some health issues of late. A stroke this year has made his left side numb and he's still in recovery and not yet back home with my mom. Enjoy every day. I remember one day during the Batman (?) movie he came into the theater and yelled my name out as I was late for my paper route. Gee I felt dumb.
Look at the size of that melon, I'm an alien from outer space sent here to spy. First communion, check the cool shoes.
Niemann Goes Kiddie
My dating life....
"I get knocked down, but I get up again...." Isn't that a radio hit? "He has a whisky drink, a lager drink"... This illustration shows how to be a successful business dude.
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