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Lucky Dog Show
I have a print in this show tonight, as does  Ellen Weinstein and Anthony Freda (painting) (hope it's ok I threw you in here!)  do as well as  many others...  come on by with your dog.  Beers later at Heathers.
Mascot Studio's 13th Annual Dog Show
February 14th - March 31st, 2012

Mascot Studio's 13th Annual Dog Show opens Valentine's Day (and the night of Best in Show of the Westminster Kennel Club Show!) with a collection of our favorite artists, illustrators and photographers all in the "teacup-sized" gallery of Mascot Studio in the East Village.

The exhibit will feature the works of Anthony Freda (Lucky Dog Invite), Anne Watkins, Chris Buzelli, Katherine Streeter, Hadley Hooper, Ellen Weinstein, Jane O'Hara, Jo Chambers, Richard Haines, Meer Musa, Kelynn Alder, Scott Neary, Dan Romer, JooHee Yoon, June Moss, Peter McCaffrey and others, to be announced...
Cards and collectibles available.

Opening Reception, Valentine's Day, 7-9pm
The exhibit runs through March 31st, 2012

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