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Nobody told me you can't get a cab at 3 am in Rome. Bar De La Pace.
While all you hard working illustrators better yourselves with projects I am engaged in late night sloth with the women illustrators in Rome. Here is a shot of me with the lovely Cathie Bleck,The lovely Trisha Krause, and the lovely Jody Hewgill. I will post more photos once I get them edited. Photo by The lovely Thorina Rose. Not shown: The Lovely Ellen Weinstein. BTW I'm back in NYC the fun only lasted a week. 
The occassion was a show was put on by Teatrio who have done other illustration shows in the past. All women artists, about 40 in all. For some reason the show was titled "The fabulous colored pencils of the world" I think due to translation issues. The show will be traveling in Italy for two years.  Each artist did a portrait of a famous woman and  also exhibited several other works.   Big up to Mark Heflin at AI for his participation in creating the show.  I think it was the brainchild of Cathie Bleck and Vivianne Flesher.  

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