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Killed Cartoons Talk + afterparty
My friend David Wallis is doing a talk at Barnes and Nobel Astor Place on Wed. the 21st @ 7pm for his new book Killed Cartoons, casualties from the war on free expression.  It contains illustrations  too, I guess they figured the cartoon title would be a bigger sell.  There will be an after party at Sauce Lounge later that evening after the reading.  

The skinny:

Editor  of "Killed Cartoons: Casualties From The War On Free Expression"
to lecture about:  "Graphic Violence."

astor place @7pm

FREE EXPRESSION [W.W. Norton & Company, March 12, 2007; $15.95
paperback original], editor David Wallis will lecture at Barnes &
Noble, Astor Place (4 Astor Place New York City; 212-420-1322) on
Wednesday, March 21, 2007 at 7 PM. The collection, heralded by
renowned cartoonist Gahan Wilson as "amazing in its range," features
nearly 100 editorial cartoons and illustrations that were spiked by
newspapers and magazines because of the potential for controversy.
Works by celebrated contemporary artists such as Garry Trudeau, Steve
Brodner, Sam Gross, Edward Sorel, Ted Rall, Paul Conrad, Mike
Luckovich, Matt Davies and Anita Kunz are displayed alongside
unearthed gems by legends like Al Hirschfeld, Herblock and Norman

At Barnes & Noble, Wallis will discuss the reasons for what might be
termed "graphic violence" – the rejection of compelling political art
by increasingly timid newspaper and magazine editors. "Reasonable
motives sometimes inspire editors to kill," writes Wallis in the
book's introduction. "But too often ... they suppress compelling
illustrations, editorial cartoons, and political comics out of fear --
fear of angering advertisers, the publisher's golf partners, the
publisher's wife, the local dogcatcher or the president of the United
States, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, homophobes, gays, pro-choice
advocates and anti-abortion protesters alike, Catholics, Jews,
Muslims, and Midwestern grannies -- especially Midwestern grannies."

About the Editor

David Wallis, an advocate for journalists, frequently lectures about
the media business at Columbia University's Graduate School of
Journalism, New York University, and the New School.  Editor of the
acclaimed "Killed: Great Journalism Too Hot to Print," Wallis is the
founder of, a syndicate that markets articles by more
than 1,500 writers and journalists.  He has contributed articles to, The New York Times Magazine and the Washington Post, among
other publications.
I tried to get samples of some of the illustrations for you visual types.
The talk was good, cartoonists tend to be on the front line of what's acceptable with the general public on a daily basis.
crowd shot.

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