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happy '50 John Cuneo!
The Halftones played the party. Blitt on keyboards.
Jan. 6th: Woodstock NY.  John Cuneo  50th Birthday party.  John was surprised by perhaps 50- 100 of his close friends who flew in from California and Denver to be there.  It's a special thing to have that many people respect you to that degree.  John was presented with a special "sketchbook" (rated M for mature) made by 20 top illustrators as a gift.  Thats to Tim Bower and his wife Kim for organizing that.  Thanks to John's wife Jan for getting the party  together and keeping John happy. 
M. Sloan on the G-tar.
Bower put the book together! Thanks Tim. Hopper at left.
John was given a gift, he did not know what it was...
It's a book of drawings for him by 20+ top illustrators!
John is vaklempt!
Inside John's studio...
Later, John played Sax with the halftones....John's trainer, Gorge' tests John's hip flexors to make sure the old man is up to the task. Hips good! Blow daddy blow..
This french guy Adel showed up with his wife, Veronique. Peter DeSeve at right.
Goldin talked with tall man.
Joe C. played drums...
Rob Saunders rocked the Guitar
Happy Birthday John! (john by john)

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