David Flaherty
February 2009
Is that you Leo fishing?
Everyone always asks me "Hey, when you going back to Hawaii?"
"Don't you own some sugar plantation there?".   Well yes, sorta, but
sugar futures are down right now and I had to lay off the help.  The
vanilla crop I planted was eaten by slugs. My pigs escaped up into the
volcanic hills when I was away and are long gone. My dog won't fetch.
Then an e.mail from Soojin changed all that.  "Boats going to islands."
was the call.  So thanks for the vacation Soojin, even if it's an imagined
I'm your type.
I just wrapped up this assignment from Exhibitor Magazine.
The assignment was a bit different from my usual ones in
that the client wanted me to come up with typographic word
plays or rebus's to add interest to a set of multiple choice quiz
questions.  Some are more clever than others, all in all it was
a fun assignment to work on.  Thanks Heidi!  Thanks Illoz.
Love Stinks
stink detail
Sometimes Love Stinks.  Still it's hard not to love love.
Bigger version here.
Come on everybody, get on the L train!
Fuchs Buok Online
When Harry met Adam and Soojin and Ellen and Goldin and Heatly and Tallardy and Cynthia an
Got together pre-SI opening for a dinner with Harry Campbell and others...
we ordered too much food.  Picture Here.
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