David Flaherty
December 2008
Happy Holidays !
Dispite the tough economy, I hope all the drawger family has good holiday season.
Amiee Mann is up for a Grammy! (Gary Taxali too!)
Singer Songwriter Amiee Mann is up for a Grammy for the design of her new CD called @#%&*!  SMILERS.    Isn't that cool?
Image for Plan Sponsor
Main Image
This is my Illustration for SooJin @ Plan Sponsor Magazine.  I had two stories
to pick from (small items) One was for trying to be a custodian of a minor dependent
/ recipient of an IRA.  The employee seemed to miss the idea that they would not
be around to be the custodian if the minor did receive their IRA.  This image follows
up on the look I did for my letterpress art for the Cranky Pressman.   Here I added
texture to mimic the effect of the letterpress printing process.
sketches. (squirrel sketch is for another story on the page that was not chosen)
Auto maker follies
This doodle inspired by news that the big three auto makers are returning to Washington and now they are driving......
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