David Flaherty
February 2008
Op Ed Art
The final art
Just did this Op Ed piece for Sunday's LA times about Sloopholes in the tax code which allows luxury items like yachts not to be taxed.   A fight has broken out over this tax even though it would not begin to be enough revenue to cover all of California's Tax woes.  The story states that Californians can't decide  if they want to be Sweden or Mississippi.  (high benefits vs low taxes) 
a sketch
another sketch
Placeholder for Edel
Hotel Room in Havana
Since our Cuban Correspondent Edel is returning from Operation Cuban Freedom I'll add this placeholder until he can file his report.
I hope this change will improve the lives of the Cuban people.
Valentines Day Movie
             An almost belated Valentines Day Greeting to all those out in the Drawger-sphere.

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Kool aid
Sagmeister | Serge Bloch
Two opening in Downtown New York Last night, just a stones throw away from each other.   The mega event Stefan Sagmeister @ Deitch Projects was mobbed.  I never made inside it was so packed.  Apparently Sagmeister kidnapped Massimo who was trying to get help by writing a message of some sort on the window.  I think he was later released unharmed.

Sagmeister Event

Just a few blocks away Mr. Serge Bloch was having an opening for his works on paper @ Living with Art Gallery.

Serge Bloch Event
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