David Flaherty
July 2007
Man arrested for using free internet outside of Cafe.
Will wearing masks in NYC be the next "no-no"?
Who would think this is against the law?

Read on:  HERE

General precautions when in a public cafe:

What are some good practices in a cafe?
Here are some good tips:
- Don't leave the computer unattended with your information on the screen.  Logout of all programs.
- Logout of any websites you have visited by clicking on 'Logout' versus closing the browser window.
- When you are finished, delete your temporary Internet files and your history.
In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, then click on the General tab. Under Temporary Internet files, click Delete Files and then Delete Cookies. Under History, click Clear History.
- Also, empty the Recycle or Rubbish Bin.
- As an added precaution go to
the Content tab and click on Autocomplete in the Personal Information area. Ensure that all the options are un-ticked and choose Clear Forms and Clear Passwords.
- Keep an eye out for shoulder surfers or people using video enabled mobile phones.
- Download a free (reputable) anti-spyware software and ensure it is updated, before scanning the computer to ensure there are no bits of malicious software or traps for the unwary.
Gold mow
CS3 BM vs DF3 PO
CS3 BM (bad move) vs DF3 PO (pissed off)
CS3 Photoshop, features review and complaints

I recently upgraded to the new CS3 Photoshop and I have to
say I’m not too happy with many of the changes from PSD 7
(CS).  Mostly I have complaints about the layers menu design.
Here are my main gripes, if you know a way to make these
features work, please let me know.

A. Linking layers together.  For some odd reason, Adobe threw
out the easy to use “link” icon that was in each layer and replaced it
with a hard to use “link” icon that only exists in bottom of the layers
pallet.  Why lord why? 

Flaherty review: “Bad Move”

B. Layer sets and image selection.  Layers sets are a great way to
organize your complex images.  All the layers for mr. A can be put into
a layer set folder, All the layers for Mrs. B. can be in another folder.
When working on an image one simply had to option click on an image
area and you would be transported to that layer instantly even if it was
in a layer set.  CS3 seems to only take you to the layer set itself now
unless one does an awkward command, control and option click.
Ok, maybe it’s good to just get to a layer set, but I would have liked
that  the lesser used command would be the one that took you there and
the more often used command of option click took one to the exact layer.

Flaherty review: “Bad move”

C. Another annoying thing about CS3 is if one has an overall color layer
that is transparent and sits on top of all other layers, CS3 will only take you
to the overlay, transparent layer.  One is forced to turn this layer off in order
to edit the main image in any effective fast manner.

Flaherty review: “Bad Move”

D. My final complaint in the layers pallet involves the locking of layers again.
When I tried to lock two separate layers at various ends of the layer pallet,
(one was say, layer  2 and one was deeper down layer 33, I could find no way
to do this in CS3.  There is often times when one needs this feature and I cannot
figure why Adobe has “seemingly” dumped this on CS3 PSD.

Flaherty review: “Real bad move”

Let me say that this is only an initial reaction to the new CS3, but as artists we need to
install new software and start running with it.  Having features we are accustomed to
and know, change or disappear altogether is a real drag.  I can say the new File browser
looks pretty.

If you know anything about these features or how to make them work, be sure to let
me know and I’ll add the info and stand corrected. 
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