David Flaherty
February 2007
the last iceboy
A true tale of global warming hits home as the last iceboy floats helplessly into oblivion.  $19.99 Staake Press ,  coming soon.
Poor little snowman, born on oscar night, forgotten and abandoned and left to fend for himself.
iceboy has been picked up and is now a brand
LA Illustration
Should we make the guy on the desk float? Nope, leave him as he is.
I just did this illustration for the LA Times.  It’s a fun story about a guy renting a sleazy office in Hollywood.  You can read the story here.  Featured in the story is Roscoe’s house
of Chicken N Waffles
, a landmark I guess of LA.  I feel this is somehow related to Steve
Waxman’s post about chicken getting thrown at him.  Anyway it was an over-nighter and
I enjoyed the subject matter for this story.  My sketches were loose even by my standards.
Anyway, big thanks to for the hookup!
Finished art.
had to get the plug right.
They sell a wind-up Poe Doll!  Every kid wants one!

My POE Movie >
Flash fun.
I've been playing around in Flash.   Just fun little quick things.

Here is the Movie:  LINK
ok, dang, the square is back!
Kids love em!
Inspired by Randall's Flea post, I got inspired to create some special hors d'oeuvres for a little cocktail party I was having.  True, it's hard to find a
specialty market that carries the large sized fleas, # 12's I think, some leg work got me my fleas.  The guests loved them but I must admit they may have thought them shrimp.
Year of the Pig! Pig banned.
Where will the pig party now that he's banned?
The Chinese Government has banned the depiction of the Pig during the Chineses New Year, Year of the Pig.  It seems that 2% of China is Muslim and they did not want to offend them.  Seems even Muslims are confused by this Move: LINK
Hitz TV online!
Kids showed off the "suicide" move!
Pirate Radio, opps, Pirate tv coming from the deep recess of the Catskills!  Live and Direct from Christoph Hitz's 16' deep eagle picking trout out of ice covered pond comes Skate TV.....
Here we see Golding trying to learn the ways of the Hockey man....

"after this we will run into the house and roll in sawdust!"
Who knew hitz was into the polar bear thing?  
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