David Flaherty
October 2006
Halloween Alien
These are some drawings I did a long time ago.  The story is an alien who visits Earth on Halloween and is thus unnoticed.  This is a fast food snippet.
Tim Runs the Marathon Movie
Tim O'Brien is running the NYC Marathon for the first time this weekend!  Let's all cheer him on!  I made a little movie to encourge him.  (some famous drawgers make halloween cameos)

Tonka Movie
Illustration Today Event
Some good names here for sure! At only $10 bucks for 8 hours of content that's a bargin price of only $1.25 an hour! How do they do it at these prices?!!!
I think this is somehow related to the American Illustration event(s).....


Illustration Today A Symposium on the State of the Art 66 W. 12th St. Tishman Auditorium Sat, Nov 11 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Ticket Price: See below.

Presented by Parsons The New School for Design and the Department of Illustration Through images, illustration shows us who we are by rendering how we perceive, interact with, and think about the world. But the medium is at a crossroads: the traditional forms of editorial illustration are losing their dominance, new vistas are rapidly opening up, and older avenues are being reinvented. Over two-dozen leading practitioners will talk about and engage in spirited discussions on a range of topics. Steven Guarnaccia, Parsons Illustration Department Chair and former New York Times art director and Dan Nadel, Parsons Illustration Department Assistant Professor and publisher of The Ganzfeld, will moderate the symposium.

Tickets: $10 general admission; FREE with Parsons/New School ID and for Parsons alumni (1 per person, must be picked up from the Box Office). Email or call 212.229.5488. Ticket Info: The New School Box Office, 66 West 12th St., Main Fl., Monday-Thursday 1-8 p.m., Friday 1-7 p.m.

Open To: All

monkey song
2008: Update: Since this thread remains the TOP post in terms of responses I thought I'd add this clarification about it.  Back when Drawger started, there was about 20 illustrators testing out a new idea by Mr. Zimmerman.   Nobody was looking in, we posted whatever we wanted, we were having fun.  One night I tried to post a video with an song in it.  It was late, I could not get it to work, I quit and went to bed.  Unknown to me, the title remained up and late nighters like Edel and Bob started to have some fun.  The rest is history. 
NOT asking, JUST saying...
Travel, Turmoil, Testimony, Travails, Tonsillectomy, Toxicity?
Namoi only reads it for the articles.
Naomi's favorite New Yorker cover hit our home today! Bob Staake hit's a homer!!!
no flaming foot!
Bob just sent me his original design. But the Yankees did not make the cut.
A short history of Drawger
Added this later...every new drawger membership comes with a free club!
Craigy's new command center.
He said to me, "Hey let me show you my new Cupola".
55 Year old surfer dude Craigy gave me a tour of his new media room. He cut a hole in his roof bought $500 bucks worth of wood and built a little room on his roof above his bedroom. Pretty cool, he had TV and the computer on one screen.
Craiggy at the controls.
Nice view!
The boys watch the green sea turtles.
Flag whipped by the constant wind, they last about two months.
surf shack, tsunami zone.
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