David Flaherty
March 2006
Early painting
Early painting
Found this old slide of a painting I did in either high school or just out of college, I really am not sure, I will have to find out. I think it was oil paint. It is about 5' tall. I was facinated by the works of some talented local High School artists from another part of town in Columbus, Ohio. The artists were David And Dan Kirk, now known as famous illustrators. Anyway they did these amazing super-realistic paintings with shaped canvases, really outstanding work for high school kids. Of course this is my rip of of David Kirks' painting which had a body and flowers as well. My take was not at all the same painting. I called this one Thanotopisis after a poem by Henry David Thoreau about returning to the earth. My sister is the model. (I was a tad morbid back in High School)
Thanks for the kick in the pants!
Drawger has been good for me. It's a kick in th e pants. Leo raises a barn and carves a sculpture while I watch TV. Luc prints his own book with his own blood while I surf the web. RAG sells tea back to China at the Convention hall while I wander the streets. Ahh it's good to get a kick in the pants now and then!
Download my art into your phone.
New technology allows my art into your phone.
I'm proud to announce that you can now download my art into your telephone. Rotary dial only. Sure anyone can work for the cell phone market but what about the untapped gold in rotor-dial phones just waiting for coolness? Just mail me $3.99 and your phone number, I'll call you up and add the image just inside your phone. You won't be able to see it, but it will be there and you will be suddenly part of the cool set. Honest it works.
The Future of Illustration....
There were a few tense moments when the talk was interupted by a group of angry Robots. They were unhappy about not being included in the panel. After flinging some flyers about the room they calmed down and left the room.
Geeze I thought there would be all kinds of talk about man flying through the air in metal tubes to far away cities and being able to use a laser to get editors to have our ideas, but.... No, it turns out the Future of illustration according to the speakers, is a little formula called creativity, hard work, and smart promotion. Daniel Pelavin, Seymour Chawst, Rep Louisa St. Pierre and Thunderdog Triston Eaton turned rather beginner-oriented questions (seemingly directed at students) by the moderator into a positive take on the wild wacky world of illustration. Some good bits about licensing pricing was offered by Ms. St. Pierre. Mr. Easton seemed energetic and a communicated well, Danny was funny and charming as ever, and Mr. Chwast added the extra ingredient of being a legend who still does his own promotion and haggling. I got comped the 35$ fee to attend. Event: Future of Illustration sponsored by Graphic Artist Guild.
Reality TV sketches....
I like to watch reality TV and do some drawings.  Here is one from the show Project Runway.  Here's Santino.  I flip between Project Runway and Dog the Bounty Hunter.
randy and simon
Ok, these were quick.  I like to video tape shows and freeze images to get the details.  I think it's easier to draw from live footage than a photo.  Randy looks like a trekie and Simon I think is reptilian in nature.
Society Illustrators Opening Pics.
Stand up comedian and part-time illustrator John Cuneo wowed the crowd with two 20 minute sets. (3 drink minimum) Oh, and he picked up a medal for the illustration shown behind him done for Esquire's John Korpics.
The 06 SI book and editorial show opening was last Friday night. I snapped these pics at the opening. I'm sure the show is great, but one never gets to see too much of it between all the schmoozing. Generally the night seemed to be off from it's regular vibe. Maybe it's the state of the industry? Maybe it's just me?More pics in the gallery section....
New printed promo booklet.
I finished a project last year for Fordham University's Spring recruitment drive. Today I busted out my new Epson 2400 and used it for the first time and printed up this mock-up for a mailer/promo.
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