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File sharing for P.C. Magazine
Here is an Image done for Richard Demler over at PC mag online about file sharing web sites.  Thanks Richard, and hope you are back running!

Is that you Leo fishing?
Everyone always asks me "Hey, when you going back to Hawaii?"
"Don't you own some sugar plantation there?".   Well yes, sorta, but
sugar futures are down right now and I had to lay off the help.  The
vanilla crop I planted was eaten by slugs. My pigs escaped up into the
volcanic hills when I was away and are long gone. My dog won't fetch.
Then an e.mail from Soojin changed all that.  "Boats going to islands."
was the call.  So thanks for the vacation Soojin, even if it's an imagined
I'm your type.
I just wrapped up this assignment from Exhibitor Magazine.
The assignment was a bit different from my usual ones in
that the client wanted me to come up with typographic word
plays or rebus's to add interest to a set of multiple choice quiz
questions.  Some are more clever than others, all in all it was
a fun assignment to work on.  Thanks Heidi!  Thanks Illoz.
Love Stinks
stink detail
Sometimes Love Stinks.  Still it's hard not to love love.
Bigger version here.
Come on everybody, get on the L train!
Fuchs Buok Online
Updike Rampage!
Ellen Weinstein Illustration
24/7 Updike!  All you can eat!  My wife's illo for Time a bit ago. He was happier then I think.
Happy Holidays !
Dispite the tough economy, I hope all the drawger family has good holiday season.
Image for Plan Sponsor
Main Image
This is my Illustration for SooJin @ Plan Sponsor Magazine.  I had two stories
to pick from (small items) One was for trying to be a custodian of a minor dependent
/ recipient of an IRA.  The employee seemed to miss the idea that they would not
be around to be the custodian if the minor did receive their IRA.  This image follows
up on the look I did for my letterpress art for the Cranky Pressman.   Here I added
texture to mimic the effect of the letterpress printing process.
sketches. (squirrel sketch is for another story on the page that was not chosen)
Auto maker follies
This doodle inspired by news that the big three auto makers are returning to Washington and now they are driving......
Cranky Pressman Promotion
The finished piece.
I just recieved printed samples for a promotion I did for the letterpress printer Cranky Pressman, based in Ohio.  It's the first time I ever had something printed in letterpress. My old art school pal Jamie Berger and I came up with idea for this image as part of the general theme: "It's a cranky world".  Jamie had some images of old letterpress presses he wanted to use and I came up with the idea of the Cranky Pressman at home in his garden, perhaps not so cranky after all.  Preparing the art was a bit different than traditional cmyk digital art.  Basically it's a three color process and attention had to be made to which color would be impressed into the stock. Jamie suggested the printing techinque for the mottled look of the solid color.
If you are an art director and would like me to mail you a copy of the 8x10 inch card, drop me a line with your information and I'll send one out to you.  (sorry art directors only please!)
E.mail me here.
detail of a peacock
owl detail
more detail
numbered envelopes
back copy
Election Musings
Are we nervous?  What will happen?
Le Tour
Wednesday is the Huge Alps climb L'Alpe-d'Huez in this years Tour de France.  Can't wait.
Op Ed Art
The final art
Just did this Op Ed piece for Sunday's LA times about Sloopholes in the tax code which allows luxury items like yachts not to be taxed.   A fight has broken out over this tax even though it would not begin to be enough revenue to cover all of California's Tax woes.  The story states that Californians can't decide  if they want to be Sweden or Mississippi.  (high benefits vs low taxes) 
a sketch
another sketch
Time for some football.  The question is, how is the foot?  Brady's? Tynes?
The War of '08
Final image. "The Struggle at Home"
When Brodner  asked me to contribute by to the Show Artists Against the War,  I thought I’d have an easy time coming up with an appropriate image.   Instead I found the process a bit daunting.  It’s such an open-ended subject.  On one hand I did not want to come off being flip  and on the other I did not want to create something knee-jerk either.  I had to find the right balance of flippy-knee-jerky-ness-smug-profoundousity.

Thinking about this war and what it meant to me was an interesting process. I came to the realization that I did not think much about the war and that was part of the problem.  I thought I should refresh my memory on how we got into this mess.

9-11: blame Osama Bin Laden and bomb Afghanistan to dust.
check.  Made some sense. Missed the Osama part though.

Sadam has WMD’s and harbors al qaeda..
Got Sadam, No WMD’s  … no real al qaeda, until later…
check.  (boner!)

Quagmire.  In a mess and to not look stupid we get into a bigger mess.  blah blah...Democracy!  Oil!... add your option here...

“Fight them there so we don’t fight them here.” BS.
What happened to home field advantage?

I don’t think too many people think about this war on a daily basis.  I would walk the streets of New York and see young people buying I-pods and sneakers without a care in the world.  Clearly this is not the WW2 war effort at home. I see no victory garden’s,  No posters saying “loose lips sink ships.”  No conversion of factories to the war effort.  No rationing.  The biggest thing of all:
No Draft.   Guess that would be a deal ender.

I suppose some would argue, we fight the war so we can buy I-pods and walk around wasting oil, that's the American way.  yeah, ok...
I called my piece: “The struggle at home”
Vote.  There has to be a better way to do things.

Come to the opening on Jan. 9th at The Society of Illustrators.
Happy Holiday Movie
Happy Holidays to each and every one of  you in Drawger Land.  Esp. to Master Zimm and Josh who keep this all running bug free.
I made this little movie for you. 

Movie link
Home Depot Overnighter
more ideas...
I like doing sketches for jobs.  These were for an overnighter for an op-ed piece about Home Depot's expansion (and big box) plans and how community boards are having more of a say on these stores opening or not in their areas.  Home Depot actually pays people to wear orange t-shirts and to pack meetings to sway opinions.
final idea and finish...
Fantasy Football
I'd heard the term "fantasy football" before, but I did not know what it was until I did this opinion piece which felt it was ruing football.  It's creepy, instead of fans rooting for teams they make their own teams up from various leagues  The team ethic is lost.  I came up with this Frankenstein image.
Headphone noise
How to deal with headphone noise.
Brooklyn Brewery Bike Night
I did this quick postcard for this anual bike benefit night coming up next monday at Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg.  Funds go to The morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, The MS Society, and Champion Systems / Kraft Genie Cycling.  All the beer, food, music and roller racing you can take.  Cool prizes like free bikes will be raffled off. (free ticket with entry).  I'll be there, hope to see you too.

Brooklyn Brewery
7 to 10 Pm
Monday May 14th
79 North 11th Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

Oh yeah, it's 35$,  food, drink entertainment and raffle ticket.
Hot or Not
Original was b+w but I added some color for Drawger
I did this piece for a story on Hollywood agent assistants who created a web site to rate pictures of other hollywood agents. 

The site is Here.
Readers Digest Illustrations
I thought I'd post this job that should be out now for Readers Digest magazine.  In all 11 images for a "Best of" section | issue. 
LA Illustration
Should we make the guy on the desk float? Nope, leave him as he is.
I just did this illustration for the LA Times.  It’s a fun story about a guy renting a sleazy office in Hollywood.  You can read the story here.  Featured in the story is Roscoe’s house
of Chicken N Waffles
, a landmark I guess of LA.  I feel this is somehow related to Steve
Waxman’s post about chicken getting thrown at him.  Anyway it was an over-nighter and
I enjoyed the subject matter for this story.  My sketches were loose even by my standards.
Anyway, big thanks to for the hookup!
Finished art.
had to get the plug right.
They sell a wind-up Poe Doll!  Every kid wants one!

My POE Movie >
Flash fun.
I've been playing around in Flash.   Just fun little quick things.

Here is the Movie:  LINK
ok, dang, the square is back!
Year of the Pig! Pig banned.
Where will the pig party now that he's banned?
The Chinese Government has banned the depiction of the Pig during the Chineses New Year, Year of the Pig.  It seems that 2% of China is Muslim and they did not want to offend them.  Seems even Muslims are confused by this Move: LINK
Overnight job for Time Magazine
The call came in about 11am on Tuesday morning from Time Magazine's AD D.W. Pine....
 "Hi Dave, Edel Rodriquez gave me your name and thought you might be right for this project."
Can you do it? The Deadline is tomorrow about 2pm.  I need 31 emoticons icons for a story
about New Emoticons for 2007.  Emoticons are little icons that are included in msn mail and
other e.mail applications.  "Uh, sure I said! "  Long story short, got my sketches done, approved
with some small adjustments, "need an older Saddam, bigger hair on Kim Jong Il"....

Anyway, I had the finals into D.W. early the next morning.  No changes at all required by Time. 
Dream scenario!  Thanks Edel, Thanks D.W.!  I've included some of the clever writing that makes
the emoticons make sense for some of the  icons.  Buy today's Time Magazine to see the rest of
the copy written by Teddy Wayne and Mike Sacks.
my rough sketches for the job
Happy New Year Animation
Happy new year to all you Drawgers and Non-Drawgers alike!  Hope it is a good year for you all!  Here is a little animation I did for you.
You'll need a flash plug in to view it most likely.  N-Joy.
(I'm running for a flight, I've noticed a few bugs I have to work out!)

Sound On!

Here is the Animation
mugging with leo
Zina's painting make me think of these picks of Leo from Icon4... Look he has hair!
Sean Kane  sent me this old pic from back then... sorry sean I did not get you into the the remix!
3 AM Illo
Illustration about how the U.S. does not help the small entrepreneur when it comes to foreign trade.
I tried the Edel and Staake thing last night, working at 3 am.  It was kind of fun for a change.  Just could not sleep so I thought, why not get some work done?
(i've replaced the art with another sketch until this work is publsihed)
NY Times Illustration
Image for The New York Times Travel section.
Did this image for the New York Times Travel section a while back. For a story on getting seasick on cruises.  It ran in black and white but I've colorized it here.
Vison Tracking Illustration
Here is an series of sketches and final art for a subject called Vision Tracking.  Seems there are companies who specialize in finding out were eyes go when they visit a web site.  How? I'm not sure.  They also suggest people avoid some common web design mistakes. Things like: Too much information, not putting info below the visible scroll zone, ect.  
Sketches in a pile
Here are a few sketches I did for a job I'm currently working on.  I can't say too much about this job right now as it's on-going at this time.  I always do pencil sketches before going to computer.  The exception being when a work is so geometric  that a computer tool would be the preferred manner of working.
Detail of sketches
Art Director reviewing sketches.
9-11 art from the SI show
Thought I'd post this art I did for the 9-11 show that took place at SI a few years ago. All proceeds went to fireman and police I think. Somebody bought a print, I don't know who.
10 days left on Painter trial!
She awaits the letter from Louie
Maybe all programs should come with an expiration, it would make one more motivated to use them. Anyway two new painter doodles....
Louie on the street.
....But Louie has other business.
The Process
This idea is for a story for Ebay users who "branch out" (get it?), well at least I thought it is good to add plants to computers whenever possible. Not chosen.
OK, here are some sketches for an editorial illustration.  The challenge of showing a computer is always a daunting one. If I had a dollar for every monitor I ever drew I could buy Tippy Hendren's estate in Iowa.  But I feel ok with this one
Well the idea of adding another web page and thus more scope became glasses. Glasses to spy more customers. Chosen.
Finished art.
My dating life....
"I get knocked down, but I get up again...." Isn't that a radio hit? "He has a whisky drink, a lager drink"... This illustration shows how to be a successful business dude.
New image.
Will he survive?
Thought I'd actually add an illustration to this a here blog. You never know who might be looking. I tried to make the image less slick, muck it up some. Fake in some roughness.
Reality TV sketches....
I like to watch reality TV and do some drawings.  Here is one from the show Project Runway.  Here's Santino.  I flip between Project Runway and Dog the Bounty Hunter.
randy and simon
Ok, these were quick.  I like to video tape shows and freeze images to get the details.  I think it's easier to draw from live footage than a photo.  Randy looks like a trekie and Simon I think is reptilian in nature.
New printed promo booklet.
I finished a project last year for Fordham University's Spring recruitment drive. Today I busted out my new Epson 2400 and used it for the first time and printed up this mock-up for a mailer/promo.
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