Mark Fisher
November 2007
In hot pursuit
Before the great meltdown I had a vast clutter of old hard plastic toys I would draw inspiration from, as well as draw. Here are 3 of the pieces done in watercolor and pencil.
Lasers in the jungle.
Wrong turn.
Antiques Roadshow
I recently finished up the poster for Antiques Roadshow's 12th season. The poster plays off the rock posters of the late 60's, with highly stylized type and a flowery Art Nouveau feel. Many of the artifacts of that time have become highly collectible so it seemed a fitting set to work within.
Originally the poster was going to be a takeoff on the summers T-shirt image, where the cities were molded into a funky form of the continental US. That didn't pan out in development and we went with a different look but keeping within the same genera.
My instincts are to push the lettering to the limits or legibility and leave the uninitiated in the dust but the good art direction by Dennis O'Reilly helped make it readable yet still full of psychoidylicism. The poster is 24x36. The block at the bottom is where the list of sponsors will go.
Close up of poster, lots of nice textures.
Summer T-shirt image
Black Cow 2008 Poster & Calendar
The entire piece
This is the second year that I have created a poster/calendar for Black Cow Architects in Boston.The Black Cows are an exceptional group that take their work seriously yet weave their presence with an offbeat sense of humor. Fortunatly for me they have let me have a big role in defining that humor
with my art and writing.
The theme of this years poster is the unsung role that the black cow has played throughout history.
In the art I played around with some different looks to get the feeling of a diverse collection of objects and ephemera, yet trying to keep it all within my visual domaine.
The poster itself is an 11 X 34 accordion fold piece.  I am showing some of the visuals with a brief description of  each.
A circus banner from a freak show in the 1930's
An unearthed ancient petroglyph in concrete that proves we were visited by alien bovines long ago.
Unusual circumstances that led to the 'Black Cow Theory of the Universe'.
A little known fact about Queen Victoria.
Opening band at Woodstock.
The DC comic that nearly put them under.
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