Mark Fisher
December 2006
Another Chicago Reader Comic
2003 Crazy Daze
A few articles back I posted some art from the Chicago Reader Year End Comics Issue that I have done but one did not upload- well now it is there. Here is one from 2003. Sorry the type is so small, squint real hard.
Bad News
For the last 4 years I have contributed to the Chicago Reader's End of Year Comics Section. But alas with my crazy schedule I missed the deadline this year. And as any illustrator knows, missing a deadline does not feel good. On a brighter note I have Drawger and can publish it here. Here is this years 'BAD NEWS' and last years 'THE FUTURE'. Have a good New Year everyone.
'05 The FUTURE
Satan at Xmas
Satan with the Xmas blues
Back in '84 or '85 I was one of a handful of illustrators asked to contribute a full page Christmas image to Boston Magazine. The concept was open and had to relate to the holiday. Since Satan, God and Santa all live in the same dimension ( Easter Bunny lives elsewhere) I pondered that it must be a lonely time for the devil what with his adversaries getting so much attention and pictured him on vacation in Boston in a lonely hotel room feeling quite low. Sent the art over to the magazine and recieved a call a day or so later saying that they couldn't run it. I understood since people get quite touchy over such issues and I was pushing the sacrilegious envelope anyway. I went to pick the art up a few days later and they couldn't find it " It was stolen" they said. The Devil it was! Probably either got ripped up or hung on someones apartment wall. Decided to redraw it last night in between my nightwatchman rounds to the best of my memory. I am particularly fond of his double heeled spatted shoes ( cloven feet ).
My studio
My studio which is a converted Deco restaurant moved to New England from Buffalo NY. Landscaping is to come.
Since 1972 with my first professional studio of a kitchen table I have had 17 different ones (studios not tables). I have had studios from in between that simple table to a 500 sq ft addition with a vaulted ceiling, skyllights, filled with toys and books that was featured in a magazine. Presently I am in the lower end of in between. And through all the changes what seems to really be my one studio is the one in my head. So with that idea I would like to show you my real studio. That is untill the next one.
My computer
I use a 1941 Utica Built heavy axle computer. It's an old workhorse but dependable with it's dual torque drive and manual settings. I picked it up at a government surplus auction and had it refitted with the Mac OS.
Dexter my assistant
In the old days I had an assistant robot by the name of Inky but when I got digititus He had to be replaced and I hired Dexter. Dexter had a small non speaking part in the second Star Wars (#5) movie where he was incinerated by Bounty hunter IG88. He is pretty good with Photoshop and is learning Flash.
Jupiter Jak
Cover art for the 10th anniversary of Jupiter Jak
Jupiter Jak Sales Czar to The Solar System. Jak is a humor piece of mine that appeared in a Boston magazine for 10 years. I put up a gallery of some of the art.
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