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Antiques Roadshow

JANUARY 1, 2007
Finished poster
The poster I did for 11th season promotion of Antiques Roadshow is printed and out so I am posting it as well as some of the sketches preceding it.

It was done for WGBH in Boston who produces the PBS program.
The design team there at GBH are a great bunch to work with.
This project was done under the fine design direction of Dennis O'Reilly. A big part of a designers job on a project like this is to keep the ball rolling on their end - what with all the eyes and hands in the approval pot. This was important since there was a month to do the art which may sound like a lifetime but with my limited schedule it isn't. Since I would not be there to present the sketches and subsequent stages Dennis and I had to be on the same wavelength as far as answers to questions and concerns.
All went quite smoothly.

Roadshow wanted to play up the 6 cities they visited this season.
The poster would be 36"x24" and the art would be used on an
8 1/2"x 6" postcard as well. The only requirement was the band of sponsors that had to appear on both pieces.
There is a lot of grain and some texture that just gets lost in the translation down to 72dpi.
A close up.
A composition of luggage labels.
Some of the sketches
Al and Ann Tique, the ultimate collectors.
A traveling Collector.
I saw this as a trailer being pulled by the shows team. The circles would be like planets of the cities.
The chosen sketch
Preliminary drawing to starting the finished piece.
A pencil sketch to work out the forms.
As the art progressed the planet / city orbs became non 3d but more the luggage labels from the first sketch idea.
The auto in the original sketch felt too '30's compared to the feel of the trailer in this drawing which I liked a lot  but was more of a '40's-'50's era feel. So I zoomed ahead to a boxier and bulbous style.
The finished piece starts with a line drawing in vector art based on a pencil scan. All additional lettering is worked out on pencil and paper, scanned and imported then drawn in vector.
Then when I have the ' wire frame' drawing where I want it I import it into a raster program. From there it's like a big coloring book only with multiple layers and fills.
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