Mark Fisher
November 2006
Body by Fisher
I bought my first computer in '93 after having so many people tell me "my work was just perfect for the computer". Well maybe but the damn thing sat on a desk unused for 6 years untill it was no good to use. For the life of me I just couldn't grasp it. Then in '98 I got introduced to Photoshop and the light went on. I started creating some fun autos. These custom cars were my 'diving in the deep end and learning to swim.' Go over to my new gallery and have a look.
Antique Roadshow
Antiques Roadshow 10th season poster
My relationship with WGBH in Boston spans almost my whole career and last year I worked on the promotion of their tv show Antiques Roadshow. Being a member of AARP qualifies me for just such a job. I created a 24x36 poster commemorating the 10th anniversary as well as a tshirt. In addition there was a postcard announcing the seasons wrap party. Here is the art Right now I am working on a poster and postcard for the 11th season. and will show it after publication.
Antiques Roadshow Tshirt image
Antiques Roadshow wrap party postcard
Doodles at the cusp of consciousness
On the weekends I am a security guard at a local mill complex. I work the graveyard shift and am completly alone from midnight to 8 am. I have lots of time to sit and sketch in my sketchbook. Most times while drawing I nod off only to awake to a black blob bleeding from my pen onto the drawing and some odd lines I don't remember making. Here is last nights. Tonight shall bring another.
Don Knotts
Here is a portrait of Don Knotts as Barney Fife. I did it as part of a larger piece on news events of the year '06 for The Chicago Reader. Mr. Knotts passed away this year I am including the photo reference, my pencil sketch and the finish.
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