Mark Fisher
My studio
My studio which is a converted Deco restaurant moved to New England from Buffalo NY. Landscaping is to come.
Since 1972 with my first professional studio of a kitchen table I have had 17 different ones (studios not tables). I have had studios from in between that simple table to a 500 sq ft addition with a vaulted ceiling, skyllights, filled with toys and books that was featured in a magazine. Presently I am in the lower end of in between. And through all the changes what seems to really be my one studio is the one in my head. So with that idea I would like to show you my real studio. That is untill the next one.
My computer
I use a 1941 Utica Built heavy axle computer. It's an old workhorse but dependable with it's dual torque drive and manual settings. I picked it up at a government surplus auction and had it refitted with the Mac OS.
Dexter my assistant
In the old days I had an assistant robot by the name of Inky but when I got digititus He had to be replaced and I hired Dexter. Dexter had a small non speaking part in the second Star Wars (#5) movie where he was incinerated by Bounty hunter IG88. He is pretty good with Photoshop and is learning Flash.

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