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Black Cow 2010 Calendar/Poster December 11 A new year is coming up soon and that means a 2010 calendar/poster for the Boston architectural firm Black Cow. This... Deluxe Diner Ads November 30 10 years ago I created a series of fantasy vehicles inspired by old car ads and my fascination with mid 20th Century... A-Z alphabet November 3 Window Signs May 5 My favorite diner in the world is the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, The food's great,the atmosphere's... Black Cow Almanac December 6 Another year rolls around and it's time for the 2009 calendar & poster for my fun loving clients at Black Cow... Antiques Roadshow Poster November 26 Another season of Antiques Roadshow is about to begin and for the fourth year in a row I have done a poster for... ASCEville USA November 18 You won't find it on a map and a GPS will melt if you punch it in, but it does exist. The American Society of Civil... MoneyShow November 10 The MoneyShow Washington DC was held last weekend. It is a trade show for the investing community both professional and... My Vote September 28 Antiques Roadshow is running a special show the day before the election showcasing items related to past presidents... Dino Soup September 14 This spring I worked on illustrating a fun little book for Bob's Your Uncle. http://bobsyouruncle.com/ The book is... New Website September 10 I have a new site up and running. marksfisher.com Thanks to my oldest son Wylie wyliefisher.com who is a web designer... Revisiting the past August 17 Working in one style and sticking with it has never been something that I have been able to do.  I figure part of... Too Much June 14 For the Antiques Roadshow T shirt image this season I presented a few ideas, the one they chose was of an old tattered... Hand Lettering May 29  Antiques Roadshow has me working on some more projects for this years shows and here are a few experiments in... Shapes April 27 I started doing a gigabyte of work for software and hardware companies back in '84 but it wasn't until 14 years later... Perot for Prez January 12 With all the election hoopala getting underway I was reminded of a couple of pieces I did for Patrick Flynn back in his... Antiques Roadshow November 21 I recently finished up the poster for Antiques Roadshow's 12th season. The poster plays off the rock posters of the... Black Cow 2008 Poster & Calendar November 9 This is the second year that I have created a poster/calendar for Black Cow Architects in Boston.The Black Cows are an... Civil Engineering for Kids September 21 Most of the projects I get involved in these days are long range turnaround ones. Anywhere from a month to two. This... Chicago Reader July 31 In 1981 I was asked by Bob Roth the managing editor of the Chicago Reader to illustrate a book that they would be... A couple column heads for Exhibitor Magazine July 25 Recently I did a few drawings for the Q&A columns in Exhibitor magazine, here are two of them. It was 40 years ago today July 18 WGBH  wanted me to do another Tshirt for the Antiques Roadshow Summer Tour. Staff members who over the summer... Particle 17 July 6 Midpoint in the final decade of the last century of the previous millennium I created a brand for a particular... Space Cowboys June 8 I just completed a T- shirt image for a friend who is organizing a reunion of old college friends from 35 years ago... Gourmet Magazine May 18 In the early 90’s I received a call from the AD at Gourmet magazine, Irwin Glusker.He had seen my portfolio... Rethinking Schools May 14 Here is a piece I just did for Pat Flynn the designer/ ad of the magazine Rethinking Schools. The article was about $,... Smoke & Mirrors April 11 I did this job for my good friend Elliott Negin, illustrator, designer, journalist and all around mensch who is now at... Business in Autos April 7 Just completed a job for Pitney Bowes magazine, art directed by Barbara Chilenskas at Touchpoint Media.The article was... Jackpot! April 4 WGBH in Boston has a new show as a companion to Antiques Roadshow called Jackpot!. It highlights people who find that... Deluxe Diner March 24 For over 25 years I have done illustration and design work for Don Levy, an entrepreneur of clothing, toy and... Black Cow January 13 This fall I worked with the architecture firm Black Cow in Boston creating a poster / calendar for 2007.As you can tell... Antiques Roadshow January 1 The poster I did for 11th season promotion of Antiques Roadshow is printed and out so I am posting it as well as some... Antique Roadshow November 27 My relationship with WGBH in Boston spans almost my whole career and last year I worked on the promotion of their tv... Don Knotts November 10 Here is a portrait of Don Knotts as Barney Fife. I did it as part of a larger piece on news events of the year '06... Robot Reporter September 20 Since we all love robots or at least we should since they are taking over, here is one I did for the Chicago Reader.
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