Mark Fisher
Oddities & Endities
Here is 12 in my typoseries.
The others are at Numbers Racket.
7 Eleven
In between spurts of pumping out my basement I worked on this little number.
See the previous numbers at Numbers Racket.
Power of 10
Made it to 10 in this series! Onward and upward! Visit all the others at Numbers Racket.
All 11 pages at once.
Last fall after Walter Vasconcelos and I completed our 100 image opus Spitball Comix
we immediately started on a new exquisite corpse project based on the alphabet.
Walter started it off by sending me a black & white image for A which I then played with,
next I sent him a b&w B and he played with that. It continued alternating between the two of us
with Walter finishing up with Z.
Our black and white originals are small and on the left, our colored finished pieces are larger
and beside them. Now we know our ABC's, Enjoy!
10 I'm a commin to git ya!
See the rest at Numbers Racket
Eight is Never Enough
What more can I say about this series other than "Here's Eight!"
See the previous ones at Numbers Racket Gallery
Lucky Seven
I tend to get on these binges of creating stuff in catagories until I find another creative obsession to fixate on. Till then this number series is the latest. Visit the others at Numbers Racket
Sixth Sense
While waiting for a couple log jammed projects to get free I have been doing some lettering exercises. Here is the latest one of the number SIX.
The previous ones can be viewed here.

Five Easy Pieces Plus a few more.
My father was a wizz at math and was constantly frustrated that it was a foreign language to me. I will dedicate this whole series of lettered numbers to him.
Have a gander at the previous ones HERE and look forward for future installments as I work my way to infinity!
Four get it
Here is the latest in my series of hand drawn numbers.
To see the others visit: Numbers Racket
This is not a head for Haiti but I was inspired by my fellow Drawgers posts to take a head I had done years ago for Patrick Flynn when at the Progressive and update it with some color.
Three's Company
No not the TV show but the next segment of my hand drawn type numbers project. Visit my gallery Numbers Racket
to see Zero, One & Two
Two Much
Two Much is the next installment of my personal project of playing around with number words. I am collecting them in my gallery Numbers Racket.
Numbers Racket one
A second in the series of numeralogical, typographical explorations.
See Zero in the Numbers Racket gallery.
Numbers Racket
The first in a series of typographical numbers.

Some of my sketches.
HA HA HA, HO HO HO and a couple of LA DE DAS!

Roadkill Caracters and Rubbish Rummies
There is just such a thrill I get out of collecting junk and making it into things. These recent heads are the accumulation of roadside scrap and trash culled from dumpsters and trash bins. I have my tetanus shots.

Check out the new heads at my Voyage to the 3rd Dimension gallery

Luna Trip
This drawing started out as a tribute to the first landing on the Moon 40 years ago today.
“One Giant Leap.” Gradually  while constructing it a more personal piece developed as I
reflected on what I was doing that same summer of 1969 and my own voyage into
unknown regions, but mine was a much different kind of trip. “One small step.”

Up to then, 40 years ago my total World Experience of 19 years had been confined to
suburbia and the small cities and towns of upstate NY,  but that was about to change.

A 12 week summer job through my community college had me living in New York City
and commuting to a video production facility in Brooklyn. At first I lived in a hotel room
up in midtown on Madison Avenue, but within 2 weeks relocated to a shared studio
apartment in a seedy West Village hotel on W. 10th St.

Without going into details I will just say, that summer and all I experienced was just what
this squeak needed to blast off and land on a planet of my own.

Happy Anniversary Apollo 11!
I Have No Idea...
What these say if anything at all.

What is it about robots? Some of us just can't get enough of them. I am constantly seeing them at my day job. I work on a lot of large air conditioning units and this little guy was made from an old expansion valve from one of the units. The guys I work with think I am a bit wacky for collecting discarded old machine parts and trash but we share a good laugh when they see the results.
I will be posting a number of other sculptures over the next few weeks.

Blippo Nub all.

To the Ends of the Earth
Rockwell Kent
One month of winter and I have had enough, so it was with the utmost of awe and respect that I viewed a show at The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Ma yesterday. To the Ends of the Earth is an exhibition of Polar Landscape paintings. Frederic Edwin Church, William Bradford, Rockwell Kent, and others have works in the show. Some of the paintings are massive and convey the vast desolation, beauty, scope and danger of the North and South Pole regions. I don't like winter any better but I may complain a bit less knowing what these painters went through to seek their vision.
The show runs thru March 1, 2009.
William Bradford
Urban Redwood Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree at Wannalancit Mills, Lowell, MA
Lowell had it's City of Lights Parade a couple of weekends ago with marching bands, old cars, brownies in costumes, cops on motorcycles, floats from various groups, Shriners driving tiny autos and the big man himself Santa! The culmination of the hour and 1/2 parade was the lighting of City Hall and the Christmas tree at the mill I work at.
The tree is built around a capped 220 foot smokestack ( sometimes called urban redwoods) with a 12 foot high star at top, it is one of the largest artificial Christmas trees in the world and at one time held a Guiness record. 32 strands of aircraft cable with 170 bulbs on each strand making a total of 5,440. This fall we rewired all the strands with new electrical wire and sockets along with LED bulbs which are much brighter than traditional bulbs and should last over 20 years and be cheaper to light. Each autumn we uncoil the strands, twist in the bulbs and hoist them up to steeple jacks at the top, and each January we reverse the process and store it away till next year.
Asphalt Assault
Be there.
Moon Base
Moon Base
I t was 1957 and while everyone else was wasting their time playing war down at the gravel pit I was preparing for other things.
Otto Man
Otto Man
Don't miss this one
concert poster
Bad Dream # 39 1/2
Bad Dream # 39 1/2
Urban Redwood Christmas Tree
The mill with it's 220 foot Christmas Tree
Every year the Wannalancit Mill where I work decorates it's 220 foot smokestack with 32 strands of aircraft cable carrying over 5,000 lights and tops it off with a lighted star. It takes us weeks to test and repair the long cables, one day to bulb them and another to hoist them up to steeplejacks who are on top securing them. They get turned on at the conclusion of downtown Lowell's 'Santa Parade',  just after Thanksgiving, and stay up through New Years. We always manage to put it up in the worst weather as well as when we take it down. It is a huge operation and a beautiful one that can be seen far off.
Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays and a great New Year All!
ReMark & RePete
ReMark & RePete
ReMark & RePete is a visual round robin of black and white
collages,  faxed between my friend Peter Thibeault and myself.
Working with copy machines,  Xacto knives,  glue sticks,  old
clip art,  magazines and engravings we ping pong’d images
between our two studios for 18 months,  finally ending the
screed at 500 pages.
Each image was a response to the previous one recieved via fax.
The only rules were to keep the size consistent and each one
had to include the page number somewhere in the image.

We got into a lot of word play,  double-entendre  and twisted
images.  Sometimes the pictures would evolve into mostly
patterns or textures but soon enough revert to a much
meatier subject matter.
 Sometimes a whole day would
be spent feverishly responding back to a constant volley
of faxes, very much like what goes on in some threads
of Speakeasy.
Some of my images are in a new gallery.
Season of the Witch
Great song by an artist that is still touring after 43 years.
I have posted a gallery of some paintings I did a while back
Illustrating the lyrics of Donovan Leitch.
Satan at Xmas
Satan with the Xmas blues
Back in '84 or '85 I was one of a handful of illustrators asked to contribute a full page Christmas image to Boston Magazine. The concept was open and had to relate to the holiday. Since Satan, God and Santa all live in the same dimension ( Easter Bunny lives elsewhere) I pondered that it must be a lonely time for the devil what with his adversaries getting so much attention and pictured him on vacation in Boston in a lonely hotel room feeling quite low. Sent the art over to the magazine and recieved a call a day or so later saying that they couldn't run it. I understood since people get quite touchy over such issues and I was pushing the sacrilegious envelope anyway. I went to pick the art up a few days later and they couldn't find it " It was stolen" they said. The Devil it was! Probably either got ripped up or hung on someones apartment wall. Decided to redraw it last night in between my nightwatchman rounds to the best of my memory. I am particularly fond of his double heeled spatted shoes ( cloven feet ).
Devil if I know
For some reason there is no Speakeasy section on my Drawger page. Has anybody experienced this and what have I done to screw it up? Can it be easily cured or am I banished forever and only able to talk to myself?
Evil Rat Fink
Rat Finks doppelganger
Everyone has a bizzaro double lurking out there, even the good natured Rat Fink has one. Here is his evil doppelganger. In '85 Big Daddy asked me to do some drawings of monsters for hisTshirt line, did about 6 or 8 of them. I hope he would approve of this one.
Idiotic table of junk
Idiotic Table of Junk
Just a little bit of nonsense I put together. Perhaps a bit of flash art for some odd tattoo parlor or instruction chart for visiting aliens.
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