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Spitball Comix
Back in April, Walter Vasconcelos and I started a project of drawn and digital collages. We decided on a 6.4 inch square format where one of us would do a character in b&w and e-mail it to the other, who would then add color; backgrounds, textures and words. We alternated this process between he in Brazil, and I in the U.S. for 199 days untill we concluded it with panel 100.
Some of the panels flow in sequence and others are lone wolves. Somewhere along the way we decided to concentrate on just faces, adding numbers to the mix. What I find very interesting is how blended some of the panels are, so much so I have trouble discerning who did what.  We had so much fun with this project that we are in the midst of another. I have put together the whole batch here. Enjoy!

Travels through Mummy Town
Steel Life in Mummytown
No Escape from Mummy Town
Daily Worship in Mummy Town
Hooliganism in Mummy Town
Interloper in Mummy Town
Night passage from Mummy Town
Fission time in Mummy Town
Ennui in Mummy Town
Torpor Time in Mummy Town
The Room
The borders of this scene have captured a tiny lone segment of tranquility from this house of horrors. The outer frame acts as a shield, protecting it from the surrounding evil. Sometimes I enter this space making sure not to venture beyond it's borders. The room behind the lamp is safe and is where I can hide in the shadows if I hear a noise. Mostly I just sit on the floor and watch TV.
I am curious about the outside but know not to stick my head out the window for I am sure something will grab me and pull me out.

The Device
New comic story
One of the stories I have been working on this winter is about my father, who by the way lives on Pluto. This is a cover image I have been playing with.
The Neverending Story
Ether delivery
For the last 15 years or so I have been working on a few comic stories that never seem to find an ending. Curse the computer with it's endless tweaking capabilities. Curse me for being a prisoner of detail. So this year I am telling myself that I will pull them all together and finish them.
This image is from Mummytown.
Mini Comics
My first comic book if you can call it that was published back in '72
( Ike Lives)  and since then I have occasionally produced others usually as mini photocopied booklets. Most of them were produced in very limited numbers and sent out to some clients, friends, comic collectors or given out at small gallery shows. IT'S ME! was in b&w and billed as an 8 page coloring book of 'Crazy Creatures to Color.'
There is a new gallery of the book.
In hot pursuit
Before the great meltdown I had a vast clutter of old hard plastic toys I would draw inspiration from, as well as draw. Here are 3 of the pieces done in watercolor and pencil.
Lasers in the jungle.
Wrong turn.
Alpha et Zeta
Here is a little graphic love story I created last year.
Besides working in a different style I tried blending French and English into something I call Frenglish. The whole 15 panel saga is in a new gallery called Alpha et Zeta, a Scientific Love Story"

Black Cow
Black Cow Poster
This fall I worked with the architecture firm Black Cow in Boston creating a poster / calendar for 2007.
As you can tell from their name they wanted something quirky and fun to reflect their attitude. It also had to endure the test of being viewed for a whole year so I did what I  do with a lot of my work and applied the philosophy that 'More is really More". I had some fun playing around with the history of the Black Cow and made some equally inane predictions into the future.
The size is 32" x 10.5" so it's a bit hard to see. I created a jpg download over in Illoz if you want to view it.
Another Chicago Reader Comic
2003 Crazy Daze
A few articles back I posted some art from the Chicago Reader Year End Comics Issue that I have done but one did not upload- well now it is there. Here is one from 2003. Sorry the type is so small, squint real hard.
Bad News
For the last 4 years I have contributed to the Chicago Reader's End of Year Comics Section. But alas with my crazy schedule I missed the deadline this year. And as any illustrator knows, missing a deadline does not feel good. On a brighter note I have Drawger and can publish it here. Here is this years 'BAD NEWS' and last years 'THE FUTURE'. Have a good New Year everyone.
'05 The FUTURE
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