Mark Fisher
Factory of Fun
Back in July I posted about my graphic, sculptural  and architectural work for the soon to open Deluxe Station Diner . The carpenters have been building my interior structures and soon I will start applying some of the details and painted finishes to them. Meanwhile back at the Factory of Fun  I have been constructing fantasy machines and devices to go along with the Industrial Revolution/ Victorian theme. The studio is awash in nuts & bolts and bric & brac. I am posting a few shots of the uncompleted stuff while in progress. It's the Factory of Fun 'cause making this stuff is such a blast!
Working with a lazy Susan, mixing bowl, pie plate holder, oil filter and other paraphernalia to create a diabolical device of questionable function.
Stage 1 of a wall mounted steam chamber.
Stage 2, and lots more to come.
Bird feeder, steam flange, mixing bowl and threaded pipe are awaiting the addition of radar antenna.
36 Hula Hoops, more fun!
All this work is being done under the watchful eyes of The Master.
I assemble all the elements into a piece then paint the entire work a base color, after which I then start adding colors and details.
Look for further posts as I complete more.
Atomic TidBits
My oldest son Wylie and I have created a new web site We felt that there just wasn't enough sites out there and the world needed another. Really I wanted to share in some artistic endeavor with him. He is an artist and web designer way down south and this will keep us connected and be fun. The site is young and evolving, who knows where it will grow? So check it out, visit periodically and wash your hands frequently.

Lifetime themes
Reading Cathleen's post about her early artistic origins got me thinking about my own. Here is my earliest surviving drawings from around '55 when I was 5. Done in my 'Children's Guide to the Catholic Mass'.
I remember sitting on the kneeler and drawing in it while using the pew seat for a desk. Devils, Death and Reptiles still appear in my art to this day but bowls of fruit seem to have been abandoned.

My epiphany occurred when I asked my dad who drew architectural plans to draw me a person, thinking he would draw something great I could then copy. Well all he drew, to my disappointment was little more than a stick figure! I remember thinking " I can do better than that". Thanks Dad.
My studio
My studio which is a converted Deco restaurant moved to New England from Buffalo NY. Landscaping is to come.
Since 1972 with my first professional studio of a kitchen table I have had 17 different ones (studios not tables). I have had studios from in between that simple table to a 500 sq ft addition with a vaulted ceiling, skyllights, filled with toys and books that was featured in a magazine. Presently I am in the lower end of in between. And through all the changes what seems to really be my one studio is the one in my head. So with that idea I would like to show you my real studio. That is untill the next one.
My computer
I use a 1941 Utica Built heavy axle computer. It's an old workhorse but dependable with it's dual torque drive and manual settings. I picked it up at a government surplus auction and had it refitted with the Mac OS.
Dexter my assistant
In the old days I had an assistant robot by the name of Inky but when I got digititus He had to be replaced and I hired Dexter. Dexter had a small non speaking part in the second Star Wars (#5) movie where he was incinerated by Bounty hunter IG88. He is pretty good with Photoshop and is learning Flash.
Pluto Platter
Here is the cover art to my latest platter.
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