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JANUARY 1, 2017
This past summer I worked on an interesting project for the MIT publication Spectrum which highlights goings on within the school. The publication is designed by Stoltze Design.
Over the course of 3 months I worked with Clif Stoltze and Katherine Hughes from Stoltze Design as well as the Editor and AD of Spectrum on a 2 page spread info graphic illustration describing the research of the group UNDERWORLDS.
The research group collects and analyzes information about the bacteria, viruses and chemical compounds that live in the human gut and converge in the communal wastewater. In other words the stuff that goes down our toilets and into the sewers. This is intended to serve public health issues in urban environments. There were many rounds of back and forth meetings and feedback between the UNDERWORLDS team, Spectrum, Stoltze Design and myself. 
I am including some of the sketches that led up to the finished piece. 
The sketches were boiled down to this one and the next.
They liked parts of each so they were blended.