January 2012
New York Lines
Here are some semi recent drawing of city scapes, most recently (this) "Big City" for the New York Times, which appears semi-regularly in the Metro section.
Then later, some work on a mural drawn toward the end of 2011.
If you peruse the Times with any regularity you may have noticed these (sans the red) that ran for a few years and have apparently been sent laid to rest. "We'd like you to do your thing, but really small, so it feels really really good" is what she said. So I did.

Big City in use

This one, which I think still runs on occasion is "City Critic".

This is the long-running "City Room" mark still in use. Andrew Kueneman and Khoi Vinh wrestled with me on it back on 07. I initially hated the type writer, but gave in. They were write. It still functions.

More recently I was asked to scribe a mural (via John Klotnia and Masha Zolotarsky at Opto Design) for Sisha Ortuzar and Tom Collichio (RiverPark Farm restaurant, NYC). Drawger alum David Flaherty helped weather the paint, sandwiches and impending hurricane

mid chalk. (always thrifty, I used my kid's multi colored sidewlk chalk to get it up there)

the idea we landed on was a city filled with fresh organic food. in this case the food is grown in crates and delivered onto your plate at Riverpark

Flaherty as Axl Rose. "welcome to the jungle, bitches"

This was my first mural. Maybe the first time I've actually touched real paint.
Thanks Heena, John, Khoi, Andrew, Masha, Flaherty, Sisha and the rest of the crew who put up/ and or witnessed my labrious manscaping. Its hairy out there folks. Especially in the city.
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