November 2011
Cops and Bankers
A few weeks ago I visited OWS with the nudging of a nice guy named Justin via this post from the Daily Heller (thx Steve). The freebie logo was originally for Occupy LA but quickly dissolved into nothing (unsurpisingly) but I did manage to make a run downtown (in New York) with some friends and waited in line for the bathroom at Starbucks. I gave the silk screening dept a few screens (that I'll never see again) and headed off after an hour or so (no way I was hanging around with young kids in tow)
What made this job interesting, in one respect, was that I was finally able to use some old scrap from Hasbro's Monopoly redesign (that also went nowhere thx to lawyers). The monopoly man seems to have hit a nerve with protesters and seeing it again I recalled adding a "backwards Seymour Chwast pinky" to the refresh. Always disappointing to see a luminous banking mascot with flipper hands. I couldn't come up with a decent image for OWS. The only idea with a seed of parody was filling the banker's role with Uncle Sam and going from Monopoly to Meritocracy. If anyone wants to publish this idea let me know and I'll try to do a better job matching aesthetics (my Sam is a wee bit Manson)

I did not do this "official" illustration. I never knew thumbs looked like that. Notice the uneven stripes on the shirt (made in China?)

the old Monopoly typography had class.

this is where when the redesign ended. basically I tried to mesh (refresh?)several aesthetics into one, while maintaining the familiarity

some initial sketches for the cop and prisoner
some initial sketches for the cop and prisoner

at the time I was sharing a studio with Thomas Fuchs. He threw in officer friendly here at bottom.

comped board with icons in place

Since the death of mine there was another resurrection that seems to have passed muster with Hasbro's attorneys (they actually make these decisions believe it or not). It's' a circular design and the icons are even less characteristic and familiar thatn the old board. Times change. As does the game.
As I was doing the research for this article I did happen upon a decent redesign from a guy named Andy Mangold. It isn't as tactile but it puts some class (or diginity) back into the industry. What are your thoughts on these?
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