September 2011
What is Facebook to you? A tool? Entertainment? The air you breathe? Or a  complete waste of time? I began on Facebook three or four years ago and thought, shit, there goes my business. "I'm a loser. What am I doing here?" I then found it to be a useful tool. It never crossed my mind that the 21 year old kid I just interviewed (and offered a job) would someday leave my office in 08 to work at Facebook and later offer me a job- the front, log-in page of Facebook.
But, well, thats what happened.
The kid's name is Ben Barry ( ) and he's quite a stud when it comes to design and nerdy shit like html, social networking, icons, letterpress and go carting with mark zuckerberg in the basement at Facebook. Nerds. Nerds! Step aside old studs, young nerds rule (and can change) the world. Yes, Ben drew these icons (beautiful aren't they?) you see each day on Facebook. Who knew what they actually looked like in detail right?
This is the front page, or log-in design I presented. It went through many variations but we came back to a one color idea, for purity/ simplicity. I was super excited about the prospect of being on the front page of Facebook. I made it to the final few selections but alas it end up on permanent hold.
While in limbo (I've waited about 6 or 7 months) I comped up this iconographic "full view" wherein you can start to see how my linear tentacles could strangle the information. I have no idea who Magu is or why he poked me. I don't poke dudes. Or anyone for that matter. the notes at the bottom of the page were for Ben, who at the time of this was functioning as a designer, as he still is, but they recently hired another freaky nerd genius in Ji Lee. A perfect fit for Zuckerberg and Facebook IMHO.

this is a letterpress collab with jon selikoff at . i have some postcards of this that I'll be sending out soon.

the table Ben comped up. the actual table, to be presented at f8, i have not seen yet.

This was the first and only sketch. It just seemed obvious that dialogue and conversation were king. Whats your opinion? With Facebook going thru so many new design and functional updates I thought this would be a good time to unveil these ideas.

Maplewood Library Logo (part deux)
This is the old logo for our local library, which was rumored to close due to lack or use and/ or lack of funding. I was called on by my neighbor (see initial, "part one" story here: ) to design or come up with a proposal to design it's new ID about 20 months ago. I wasn't quite clear on the reason for a redesign (they made mention of digitizing books but it isnt made clear in the announcement) so I went about it with no brief.
This is the new logo, announced recently on Facebook, of the new ID. The single comment unde the logo was "neat"!  Someone please punch me in the face.
The irony of this mark is that it looks, at first glance, to be a bar code. As if you're being charged for something. Funny story: IT'S TRUE! They actually paid for this thing after I offered to give them a free identity and an entire plan on how the ID was to be used as a functional device within a system.
This was the logo as I presented it to the all female board of Librarians. When I showed and explained it, thye all looked across the table at each other as if to gauge one another's thoughts. I got a real sense that the decision to choose another person had already been made and that my time was being wasted. I mean, here's a guy offering to do it free! What a loser!
But here's another irony. When I asked who was paying for it (taxes or private funding) they said it came from "friends of the Maplewood Library". Hmm. Well I know who that is. I'm on the board of the Maplewood Lions, a non-profit that runs the local Maplewood in Motion 5K of which benefits.... wait for it... FRIENDS OF THE MAPLEWOOD MEMORIAL LIBRARY!
Someone please kick me as hard as you can in the balls.
The plan, or rationale for the mark was to communicate, not sell, the Library. And because there are a good deal of people in Maplewood who are multi ethnic I thought the best way to communicate the concept of "Maplewood" and "Library" was to combine the two symbols, using no words.
Its essentially a way-finding device.
When I do free work I usually only show one idea. Here are a few translations of it in BW and color
All logos, to resonate and be good, have to work in blck and white. At least thats what they tell you in school (its not always true but essentially it is). Here is your new Maplewood Memorial Library logo in black and white. If youre a taxpayer, you have not been charged. That's what "friends" are for. End of rant. And onto to real work...
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