December 2008
Above the Fold Club
the front
 Fuchs, Savage, Me, Niemann... can someone hand us our red smoking robe please? Snap Snap.
I thought I'd take a few tics and revisit, fully, a revised history of the Above the Fold Club's newest member, Thomas Fuchs. Yesterday we saw something new, something great. And it couldn't have happened to a luckier bastard (OK, OK, and great guy).
its tucked in there
 I have to admit, being an incredible idiot I didn't see Fuchs name straight away and the copy referred to him as "one illustrator" (political equal to "that guy"?)
Perhaps I was looking at the names- Warhol, Picasso, etc... I don't know but I didn't figure it out till 4pm. 
 But I knew one thing, either Picasso knew Thomas Fuchs or vise versa. Something stank (this drawing however, didn't.)
Savvy and Niemmy
 Previous ATF clubbers include a few genius friends of mine who you probably know, Stephen Savage and Chris Newman (aka Christoph). The only difference between old ATFers and Fuchs is the he gets ink reccognition. I like to keep track of whos doing the great iconography in the Times. I'm sick that way.
my cover
 Heres my old, well, 11 month old ATF prize. Waking up to an ATF in the morning gives you a special tingly sensation in your naughty region. Hello soldier!
 from an article that never ran in "Logo Lounge 5", here is a loose run-through of how that project came to pass. AD: Margaret O'Connor, DD: Tom Bodkin
The concept and execution were helped along by Nicholas Blechman and Brian Rea. 
OK, thats it. If you know any more ATF members please send them my way and I will update this post. Congrads again to Fuchs, the only legit, on the record ATFer in Drawgerland.
Blitt is Back
dog days

slow news day @ Huff Post. I guess now that the public knows we exist, we are popular enough to write about. Regularly. Barry, you're my hero. Keep em coming.


the full skinny snipet from Huff Post whippet:

 Barry Blitt, the cartoonist responsible for the New Yorker's controversial terrorist fist-jabbing cover, among others, returns this week to "vet" Barack Obama. Of course this time around "Vetting" refers to the all important decision of picking a "first" puppy — thus far we know they want a mutt, but that it needs to be hypoallergenic and won't be a girly dog. The cover may not be all that far off the mark, actually, turns out the original meaning of the word "vetting" was to to "submit an animal to examination by a veterinarian."


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