November 2007
Op Ed Queens
4 of a like mind
Sam Weber just rang, and seeing Brodner's post yesterday, I thought I'd add a bookend to the U.S. Bridge Federation silencing.. Here was my first shot.
tighter still...
here was another "just in case" I presented of the same shot.
gang of 4
and another trouble-shootery of the 2 X 2.5 space. Gotta get both ingredients in there. I won't give away which one you'll see in the paper in the morning. You'll have to guess. In the interim, your thoughts? Its always an interesting balance doing work for the Op Ed page and no one navigates it better than Sam and Rea. I like the vaguery of the first but see the potency of the second. The third? Nah. Sam will be leaving soon. Off to do his illustration thing full time; and what a wonderful thing he does. I guess it was always in the cards. Thanks Sam; for making sure we get paid on time as well as being a swell collaborator.
Blechman's NoZone spread
Nozone, Forecast
All gas'd up & no where t'guzzle, Fuchs & I spent a few hours (OK, days) spinning yarns and dropping names for Nicholas Blechman's upcoming Nozone:Forecast. Heres our spread. Blechman's last Nozone effort, Empire (Princeton Archtectural Press) focused on our empirical foreign policy, war time capitalism and so forth. One of my favorites in that book was Ward Sutton's logo strewn Nascar omage (I'm not going to explain it, just buy the book!) Niemann's Stately messaging was also read loud and clear (and over and over). Hopefully this latest Forecast will be as sickening and meaningful as his previous efforts. OK, I could go on about my near-full Nozone collection but heres another sneak peak at our spread...
Nozone, f2
My original drawing was sent back (thank you Nicholas!) so I refocused with a more humorous logo spoof analogy ala GOP100 and Sutton's excellent spoof. Some of these work more successfully than others obviously but its a tight balance this thing: writing, designing and illustrating. Where one lacked, another propped.
nozone, 3
The process here usually started with naming, the napkin, then computer. Our time was helped along by this logo site which, if you haven't already used it, is an essential bookmark. We had a pretty big time working on this thing. Fuchs had a big workload so I had to carry the brunt on most of these, yet one of the real gems ("EXXODUS") was actually e penned by the legendary Jerry Kuyper who designed the original AT&T globe and World Wildlife Federation logos while working for Saul Bass. If you can think of one we may have left out, take a gander and write us. Who knows, there could be a poster stationed on the horizon.
ahh, the signatures... signed in oil on a hot Texas blacktop. Two birds on a wire. But whos who?
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