March 2011
vote for letterpress
Visited my old pal Jon Selikoff today in Orange NJ. Sum bitch has a huge/ legit letterpress operation going on in the new Hat City arts district. WTF.
I first met "Jonsel" as some call him while he waas an AD at Landor, NY. We worked on a project for a paper company that I won't go into. Anyhoo we've kept in touch and I plan on doing some collabs with him at this new "Vote for Letterpress" studio.
Let's take a tour. Shall we?
Drawers and drawers of metal and wood type line the place. Some found on eBay, some from other sources.
this was his first press, bought 7 years ago. He now has 3.
next to it, his cutter.
some of the typecases. he''s got tons!
opposite that...
view of the space from the front door
the vandercook
said Vandercook logo. I didn't ask what he paid for it. (for fear he might not invite me back)
next to it, the heidelberg
the man with a plan.
His plan: does anyone really have a "plan" when they buy a letterpress? C'mon.
pls pull lever once and Vote "no plans!"
heres a poster he and Sam Potts thru together
this is a real gig he's producing: letterpressed dog bisquit packaging!
close up (and good enought to eat)
a look inside to his "desk" studio, ajascent to the letterpress shop
thru that window
inks and papers section
a card for one of kids who turned 5
he's calling the place "Vote for letterpress". I don't know what his policies are or how he plans to run his budget (he is in NJ, highest taxes in the land!) but I'm signing myself up as vice chair (know-nothing party). Thanks for the tour JonSel. I'll let you know on those poster/ post card specs and look fwd to posting our wares here for our new found letterpress constituents. It's dirty work, but let's get out and Vote, people!
The Social Animal
This is a major new book by David Brooks, author and NYTimes columnist. Y'gotta love David Brooks. Y'just do.

He tells a story of two people’s lives, a boy and girl and follows their development, and the development of the human brain, how they learn and master their worlds and especially the role that social interaction plays in how they adapt and have fulfilling successful lives.
Below are some great notes from Beck Stvan (Random House), my art director on the project:
Its important to note that we do NOT want to sell this as a “brain book”.
We need something with some whimsy, as the book is serious but has plenty of humor and warmth in it.

I see this as a large image as opposed to “spot art” but should be conceptual.
Some sort of overall pattern or matrix that suggests a society or community?
Society as a zoo? Maybe that’s taking things too far, and not serious enough though.

Two figures that interlock somehow and the overlap suggests something else?

The central theme is how we are motivated to achieve and receive recognition and how that in turn tunes are brain for great learning and understanding. The main motivation is an innate desire for community, love, acceptance.

here are some of the doodles Beck dispersed throughout the cover/ spine/ flap.

and a few mock coversations the went nowhere. we had originally brainstormed a dialogue bubble as a type container but i think his patterned solution works better. in the end, i found this to be one of the most wrenching assignments ever. Primarily due to the "scenes" of marital discord playing out in real time here at Sockwell Manor. I won't delve into THAT.
Many thanks to Beck for putting up with all the stops and starts along the way. I ended up using some old quill pen nibs I picked up in Rome a few years back. Tough to get lines to work with a quill (better left to Elvis Swift, my one-liner arch nemesis). Probably shoulda broken out the trusty 1B pencil.
a look barack
Here are some images from a Design for Obama (Aaron Perry-Zucker/ Steve Heller/ Spike Lee) poster exhibit in Equador I went to last week and some images from my lecture/ workshop. This image, one of my favorites from the campaign back in 08 by Ron English was great to see up close

THe entrance to the exhibit.

I don't speak a lick of Espanol, but I got to meet and chat with the US Ambassador to Ecuador and some interesting people, including my host Esteban Salgado from Grafitat.

see links to publications/ articles below. You may recognize fellow Drawger Paul Rogers here in upper left.

see links to publications/ articles below
see links to publications/ articles below

Below and above are some links for publication in Ecuador's main newspaper (El Comercio) and also from the government´s newspaper ( El Telégrafo), a photo from El Comercio and a spread from Vanguardia magazine.

Links to this story from other ecuadorian newspapers and websites:ña_histórica_en_afiches.html
they had a great space for this exhibit (PUCE, a cultural center and univerity).
I always take my girls wherever I go. And somehow a Fuchs postcard managed to escape customs. They printed up some materials to promote my lecture event and workshops as well.

I'll do a post later next week on how the workshops went (swimmingly) and show some of the work from the students and professional participants.
Thanks to Esteban Salgado "Youre not my fucking daddy" Salgado for hosting the event and keeping me from getting mugged on the streets of Quito. I had a great time.
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