April 2010
Brandin' Palin
heres the cover. I didn't actually design the "Fed Ex/ PalinInc" Logo here but it was nice of Dixon to offer the cover credit.
here are some ideas i worked on last week for a cover and some interior spreads for Chris Dixon @ New York Magazine. Yes I know I misspelled Governor. Yes there are some dumb ones. I had a 8 hours so sue me!
Ah. the joys of "you betchya" research. 
If the GOP runs Sarah, thank your lucky stars. No matter how much money she brands us with in 2012, I don't think the public will be scooping it up. My (R) friends here in Maplewood, once confronted with Sarah on the ticket, changed their vote. And I think people are onto her winky, folksy schtick.
opening spread
2nd spread. this one two punch idea really integrates the logos well. nice job chris.
with the older visa logo design
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